I'm finally closing on my condo on tomorrow!  I had my final walkthough yesterday and everything looked great.  I have however quickly learned that being a homeowner is expensive.  There are LOTS of things I had do buy and it added up quickly.  Then there are the big things, like my new home theater.

Here is the breakdown:

TV: Panasonic TH-50PX60U 50" Plasma HDTV

Reciever: Onkyo TX-SR674 7.1 Channel Up-Converting A/V Receiver

  • The reciever was well reviewed by Scott Hanselman and does HDMI upconverting so I'll only have to run one cable though the wall and into the TV. 

Speakers: Polk Audio RM6880 5.1 home theater speaker system

  • I had a tough time picking out speakers be finaly decided on the Polk RM6880.  They make a bigger set (RM6900) but I though that would have been overkill .  I have already found one negative, the sub doesn't have an LFE port.  It does have Left and Right line level inputs so I think I can plug the LFE into an RCA Y adapter that goes to both the L & R line level inputs (they get combined internally anyway).  I'll see how that works and go from there.

Remote: Logitech Harmony 880 Remote Control - Refurbished

  • This is an amazing remote for $99.  I have the xbox 360 version of this remote now but its not making the move with me.  You just plug it in via USB and the software does the rest.  You  enter you model numbers, answer a few questions about how its all connected and your set.  (Also well reviewed by Hanselman)

I'm going to wall mount the TV and run the speaker wire in-wall, so this is a bit of a project, but I think I can handle it.  I'll try to take some pictures and post some info.

Posted at 4/27/2007 12:51 AM
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I have been using VS for Database Professionals ("DataDude") since it was in beta. I went though withdraw for about a month after RTM because I was on a Software Developer MSDN account, but don't fret, you can easily switch between MSDN versions (at least around the time of renewal). VS DBPro has lots of cool features, but my favorites are Schema and Data compare (and having an easy way to put my DB in source control). Now I can easy figure out what has changed between my production and testing database and let VS do all the work of generating a script to update the schema for me.

I did run into a big problem today though. I was trying to add a new table but accidently clicked "Exclude from project" for the entire Tables folder! I added the files back in, that part was easy enough, but none of the table were showing up in schema view or in a schema compare. After some trial and error I figured out that if I saved one of the *.table.sql files as an empty file, then put the table definition back in and save again VS would "reparse" the file and the table would show up in schema view. That wasn't going to fly though, I have way too many tables for that. After digging around the validation DB and the project directory I found the solution. Inside the project directory there is a file called <Project Name>.bin. Just close Visual Studio, delete the file, and reopen.

VS is smart enough to recreate the file and all my tables are now happily showing up in schema view.

Posted at 4/13/2007 1:17 AM
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