This is the first in a series of post about my new entertainment system that I previously posted about.  I am getting a few hits from Google on "RM6880" so I figured that was a good place to start.

I was slightly concerned about buying a boxed speaker set.  While I was researching speakers lots of people recommended buying individual speakers, which I'm sure has some benefits.  However, I wasn't excited about mixing and matching different brand speakers and getting the right combination for my room, along with the fact that option was more expensive.  So once I decided to go with the boxed set approach narrowing down the field to the RM6880 didn't take long.  I was looking for something sub-$1000 and polk stepped up to the task with great reviews.  I could have chosen between the RM6800, RM6880, or RM6900.  The RM6900 came with bigger  satellite speakers, but I felt they were too big for my room.  At the time I had a reason to get the RM6880 over the RM6800 but now I can't find the link, maybe it was because the RM6880s were black.

I have had the speakers installed for about two weeks now and don't have any complaints.  They came with wall mounts, so that saved me money and they are very low profile so the speakers hug the wall nicely.  I haven't listened to much music on them but for TV and movies they worked great.  The sub doesn't have a standard LFE jack but it does have a Left and Right line in, so I just used a Y adapter to connect the LFE from my receiver into the sub (an idea I found on the Polk Audio forums).

These speakers worked out great.  They look great, they sound great, and they were a decent price.

Posted at 5/24/2007 10:51 AM
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